Introducing The All Weather Pergola Systems

An exclusive product for which Pete’s Pergola Systems are the UK distributors and licenced installers.

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Our Pergolas are a stylish addition to the outer area of any commercial or residential environments, from seating areas in restaurants and bars to covering small patio areas in gardens. Supplying to the UK, we offer a bespoke service designed to create a strong and uniform product no matter where the structure stands. It provides exceptional quality in the open air with elements of visual and thermal comfort.


No matter what your business or personal requirements, Pete’s Pergola Systems can accommodate to any of your needs. No Pergola is too big or too small so no matter if you have a car exhibition space or a small residential patio, a pergola can be made to your specifications. Once you’ve enquired with us, we will send out one of our specialists to measure up the location and create a made-to-measure product


For added thermal comfort in your pergola, we also offer a range of bespoke side options to your pergola, whether you feel like wood sliders for privacy or glass sides for an open feel, Pete’s Pergola Systems can supply made to measure wind protection for your comfortable outdoor area. Wherever the location of the pergola, whatever the side you want for your design, we can provide a fitting service.

Comfortable Outdoor Environment

Pergolas aren’t just a daytime product, so why exclude them from outdoor lighting? Perfect for dark evening meals whether in a restaurant setting or if you desire a terrace to be well lit whilst you enjoy a private evening with friends, we can install lighting within your pergola. Outdoor heating is also available to be installed inside the pergola to ensure your guests or yourself are kept warm and comfortable whilst enjoying the shelter of your made-to-measure pergola system.

Shutter System

Offering a bioclimatic shutter system on the top of the pergola means the optimum amount of shelter and sun resistance can be allowed. Depending on the environment and the shelter required, the pergola can be remotely altered to allow you or your customers to stay dry or protected from the Sun, whilst remaining in a comfortable environment.

Whether you’re looking for a modern alternative to a conservatory, a place to call your own at the bottom of the garden or an outside area for entertaining, a pergola can provide an adaptable extension to your property.

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